Thursday, May 10, 2012

I know I haven't posted in awhile and for that I'm sorry. I've been so ridiculously busy I can barely breathe. And this is partially why.

I volunteer at the local Boys & Girls club teaching art and just plain old hanging with the kids. This guy is Jaykwon. When I first met him he would come into the art room and ask me to draw a picture for him. I'd always try to get him to draw one of his own but all he'd ever say was "I can't" and "It's too hard". It was like pulling teeth some days. I would have to barter with him that if he drew one on his own I'd draw him one.

It eventually got the point where I'd draw shapes on the page for him and he'd build up the drawing from the shapes. He was doing so well that I bought him a HOW TO DRAW MARVEL COMIC CHARACTERS art book.

Suddenly the kid who's motto was "I can't" learned how to say "I can." Jaykwon drew himself his very own superhero. He ended the night surrounded by kids who watched in awe and said how awesome he was for having drawn that all by himself.

It's truly an amazing feeling to know that you helped a kid learn that his interest in art is valid, and that he can learn and improve once he pushes through the doubts of thinking it's too hard or it can't be done.

I'm so far beyond proud of Jaykwon. Keep up the great work, big guy....