Friday, October 30, 2015

The Quest for Alls Hallow's Candy

As the full moon rises
On Halloween night,
The ghosts are all haunting
As the witches recite
Magic spells that will help them
Take their All Hallows flight.

There’s a devil amongst them
To help in their quest,
To make sure there is candy
For all of the guests
Who’ll knock on your door
With the ultimate test.

“Trick or treat!” they will cry
As you open the door.
It seems like great fun
But it is so so much more.
See, the treats are an offering
To the beasts of old lore.

If you’re stingy with candy
And they don’t get a treat,
A trick will be coming
That’s the opposite of sweet.
They’ll fly through your house
And cast spells on your feet!

And if still there’s no candy,
No treat to be had,
It makes the old monsters
Even more mad.
They’ll come from the graveyards
And bring all kinds of bad.

And so this is why,
The three that you see,
There’s Randy the ghost
And the devil Petey,
And, of course, there’s a witch
Named Abigail McGee

Each must bring candy
To the monsters of old,
Until the day comes
That’s long been foretold,
When the monster’s return
In a sight to behold.

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